From Scrap to Heritage: Tumbarumba’s Iconic Carriage

Witness the magic of renewal! Sell & Parker donated a vintage train carriage in 2020. Now, this carriage shines as the centrepiece of the Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail’s charming museum platform.

Blending history with innovation, this transformation reflects the heart of Tumbarumba’s community. It’s a story of resilience after bushfires and amid a pandemic. Volunteers and local committees dedicatedly nurtured the carriage’s revival, embodying the town’s strength.

Get ready to relive history and celebrate triumph by May 2024. From scrap to heritage, Sell & Parker’s role resonates through Tumbarumba’s legacy.

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Original Article published by Edwina Mason on About Regional.

Sell & Parker Scrap Metal Day

The Sell & Parker Scrap Metal Day took place recently, with exhibiting artists including Ron Robertson-Swann, Philip Spelman, Ayako Saito and Orest Keywan from Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2023 invited to source materials for their work through this valuable initiative.

Sourced by Sell & Parker from building demolitions, industrial operations and other sources, the scrap metal available to the artists for their artworks comes from recycled items made of metal, including old cars, manufacturing off-cuts and demolition steel.

Thank you to Luke Parker, Brad Scobie and all the operators at Sell & Parker for taking the time to make this happen. We look forward to seeing the results at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2023, and future exhibitions.

Artists sourcing materials

Sources: Artists Behind the Scenes – Sell & Parker Scrap Metal Day
Photos: Trent Marwick

Sell & Parker x SCHF Kids Car Crush Tour

Fun and Education for School Students

Sell & Parker leaders in the recycling scrap metal industry are excited to announce the successful return of the Kids Car Crush Tour. In partnership with the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation (SCHF), Sell & Parker hosted the tour providing 40 Sydney school students with a unique and educational recycling experience at their Blacktown yard.

The students witnessed firsthand the scale and impact of the recycling industry. The tour allowed the children to actively witness the operation of heavy machinery, including mobile shears and excavators used in the recycling process, with the highlight being the double vehicle crushing process which wowed the students. The students were provided personal protective equipment (PPE) and a gift bag to become better recyclers.

Sell & Parker take pride in educating and inspiring the next generation about ethical scrap metal recycling, donating $1 to charity for every tonne of scrap recycled at their metal recycling yards.

“We are proud to have donated over $6.2 million to support the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation, the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Westmead Institute for Medical Research and various other local community programs. Recycling with us, you’re helping support the wider community.”, said Morgan Parker, Director at Sell & Parker.

Australian Frontline Machinery

Sell & Parker’s subsidiary, Australian Frontline Machinery (AFM), is now managing the disposal process for the Australian Defence for all B class vehicles (i.e rubber-tyred road and off-road vehicles including Land Rovers, trailers, trucks, motorcycles, Unimogs and ATVs). These are authentic military vehicles that have proven themselves under the most rugged conditions and over difficult terrain. The vehicles are built to military standards and impeccably maintained so they’re durable and strong – perfect for the Aussie off-roader or to use on your farm.

AFM has fitted out a 30,000 square metre site, including a 12,000 square metre warehouse at Minto in southwest Sydney where the vehicles are sanitised, upgraded and thoroughly checked for hazardous materials before being sold. Most will be sold with a current Vehicle Identity Number and Safety Check so they can be immediately registered in NSW.

Australian Frontline Machinery will sell the vehicles locally (via online auctions) and overseas (direct). Sales are subject to strict rules to prevent vehicles falling into the wrong hands.

For further auction details, please visit