Sell scrap

Through trading experience gained since our establishment in 1966, Sell & Parker have extensive knowledge of trading all types of scrap metal.

We buy from anybody and everybody, from small deliveries of 10kg from small backyard clean-ups to thousands of tonnes from major utilities and demolition sites. We buy all grades of scrap including steel, aluminium, copper, brass, stainless steel and most others.

Through the loyal support of many of our local suppliers across Australia and the world, Sell & Parker are able to offer competitive pricing on all scrap metal that you may have.

Here are a few questions that we may ask to help service you better.

  • What product do you have to sell us – aluminium, steel, copper, brass etc?
  • Approximately how much do you have to sell? 10kg or 20 tonnes?
  • Can you deliver or would you like us to organise a pick up? (This will depend on quantity.)
  • Will this be an ongoing service/supply or is it a one-off clean-up?
  • What size bin or truck would make the pickup easiest for you?
  • Can you load it or will you need a crane?
  • Will we need a crane to unload the material in our yard – is it really heavy?
  • Which yard is closest to you?
  • You will need an ABN if the material is from a business or the value is over $300.00, otherwise we need to hold 46.5% tax!
  • How would like us to pay you? EFT or cheque? Please note that payment for scrap with cash in NSW was banned by the NSW Government on 1 March 2017

Please call your closest local yard so we can help.

We look forward to taking your call.

We have over 400 employees and yards in Banksmeadow, Blacktown, Coffs Harbour, Ingleburn, Newcastle, Nowra, Darwin and Port Hedland. Our 6 branches service the east coast from the Victorian border to the tip of NSW! Our growth has been built on our fine and enduring relationships with our suppliers and customers. We are the dominant buyer of demolition scrap in Sydney, and we also service a large number of manufacturers throughout Sydney.