Sell & Parker
Coffee Capsule Recycling

Sell & Parker specialised Coffee Capsule Recycling plant in Nowra, located in Southern New South Wales, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the nation’s love of premium coffee is environmentally sustainable.

Coffee packaged in plastic or Aluminium is recycled at the facility, with recovered coffee grounds repurposed into rich and nutritious compost.

Aluminium Recycling​

Aluminium packaging, which is one of the best materials for both the freshness and taste of coffee, is one of the few materials that is infinitely recyclable. 

Many people will be amazed to learn that 75% of all Aluminium ever produced is still in use today.

Plastic Recycling

Plastic packaging is shredded and repurposed to a sustainable low-carbon building material called saveBOARD.

saveBOARD has no additives, including zero glues, zero chemicals, zero adhesives, and no manufacturing waste; all off-cuts are reused in saveBOARD manufacturing.

Coffee Recycling

By diverting coffee grounds from landfills and harnessing their potential as a valuable resource, we repurpose and recycle them through Soilco.

As a horticulturally-focused business, Soilco specialises in transforming coffee grounds into rich and nutritious compost, which is used to enrich the soil and support the growth of healthy plants.

Sell & Parker can ensure the last drop doesn’t equal the last use and provide a second life for both the capsule and coffee.

We have over 400 employees and yards in Banksmeadow, Blacktown, Coffs Harbour, Ingleburn, Newcastle, Nowra, Darwin and Port Hedland. Our 6 branches service the east coast from the Victorian border to the tip of NSW! Our growth has been built on our fine and enduring relationships with our suppliers and customers. We are the dominant buyer of demolition scrap in Sydney, and we also service a large number of manufacturers throughout Sydney.