Scrap Assist

It’s simple, it works and it’s unique to Sell & Parker!

All scrap metal transactions are processed through Scrap AssistTM, our proprietary scrap metal recycling information system. We are pleased that many of our customers are using our system to gain an advantage in their business.

Here’s how it works:

Scrap AssistTM handles the entire process including truck bookings, weighing and payments.

Scrap AssistTM automatically emails details of every load (truck registration, grade of metal, gross, tare and net weight, customer documentation references etc) to every email address you nominate. This provides you with the ability to monitor and reconcile your scrap account easily, quickly and accurately.

Scrap AssistTM reporting system is linked between all our sites from the country to the city. This enables us to report, collate and pay our customers accurately and quickly.

Scrap AssistTM also produces all invoices and remittance advices allowing you to easily cross reference and reconcile your account.

Scrap AssistTM generates every conceivable report your company may require to monitor your scrap production and control the revenue, in either printouts or as an Excel file.

Example of ticket

Please find below an example of a Scrap AssistTM ticket that you will receive via email after each pickup.

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