1966 Max Sell advises Ross Parker that he intends getting out of the scrap metal business. Max agrees to sell the trucks for £2000, and also agrees to stay for 6 months to show Ross the business and introduce him to some customers. Max also agrees to lend Ross the money to buy the trucks! The trading name of Sell & Parker is adopted.
1967 Max Sell retires and Ross Parker takes full control of Sell & Parker. As Max had a very good reputation in the business, Ross decides to keep the name as it is. At this time, the assets of Sell & Parker consist of just 2 trucks. Scrap is sorted between trucks in back lanes.

Sell & Parker rents its first property, in Dodie Street, Alexandria. The property is used to store, process and grade scrap.
1969 Sell & Parker hires its 1st employee.
1971 Sell & Parker purchases their 1st mobile scrap crane.
1972 Ross Parker realises he can cut steel plate to prescribed shapes electronically without requiring an engineer to make a template. With access to a supply of plate, Ross starts a business called “Oxy Profile Cutting”, which is eventually rebranded as “Oxycut”.
1977 Sell & Parker buys a site in Amelia Street, Waterloo, where both the scrap recycling and profile cutting are co-located.
1979 250 tonne Iron Shark shear is installed at Waterloo.
1980 Purchased minority shareholding in Oliver and Downing, a Sydney-based fabricator. In time, the business is rebranded as Profab and a greenfield factory in Chipping Norton is acquired and developed.

All States Waste Pty Limited founded and commenced collecting and disposing waste in all Australian States (except Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania and the Territories).
1985 All States Waste sold
1989 Oxycut moves to a property owned in Yerrick Road, Lakemba.
1990 800 tonne Lindemann Shear commissioned at Waterloo yard.
1993 Shareholding in Profab sold to majority holder.
1995 Ross’s son Luke Parker joins the business as Managing Director after having obtained Bachelor degrees in Law and Commerce (UNSW) and an MBA from Northwestern University in Chicago and having worked in management consulting for 5 years.

Sell & Parker purchase second property in Amelia Street, Waterloo and commences trading in non-ferrous metals.

Oxycut moves to a 5000 square metre factory on property bought and redeveloped in Long Street, Smithfield.

Sell & Parker purchase a 7.5 acre property at 45 Tattersall Road, Blacktown.
1997 Blacktown recycling facility opened with an 800 tonne Lindemann Shear being commissioned soon after.
2000 Ross’s son Morgan Parker joins the business as Group General Manager after earning a Bachelor of Economics (Actuarial Studies) at Macquarie University and having worked in the finance industry for 10 years.
2001 Development Approval won for a metal shredder to be installed at the Blacktown site.
2002 Sell & Parker’s Oxycut buys steel profile cutting business Precision Profiling. The businesses are merged to form Precision Oxycut.

Blacktown Shredder commissioned.
2003 Metal for Miracles program for Sydney Children's Hospital established.

Sell & Parker acquire a property at 11 Meadow Way, Banksmeadow.
2004 Commenced buying properties adjacent to the Tattersall Road site. Eventually landholding in the street grows to over 6.9 hectares.

Coffs Harbour site bought and collection yard opened – Sell & Parker’s 1st Regional Yard.

Ross’s son-in-law Craig Ley joins the business to manage Northern & Regional NSW after running his own business for 15 years.
2005 Sell & Parker open Ingleburn yard at site purchased in Bosci Road.

Sell & Parker acquire a brownfield property at Newcastle and immediately expands Precision Oxycut to this site.

Head Office relocated from Waterloo to current location at Banksmeadow and a 1250 tonnes shear and a high speed IPS non-ferrous baler installed.
2006 Sell & Parker acquire property in Brisbane.
2008 Sell & Parker buys a site at Nowra and opens a new yard to service Southern Regional NSW.

Franc Obal, Sell & Parker’s first employee, officially retires after 40 years of wonderful service. Retired, but not forgotten; Franc still comes in to help out from time to time.
2009 Sell & Parker team up with the owners of Commercial Metal Traders to establish the joint-venture Commercial Metal Recycling Services in Queensland.

Sell & Parker build and opens a new yard in Carrington to service Newcastle and the Greater Hunter regions.
2011 Sell & Parker sells shareholding in Commercial Metal Recycling Services.
2012 Sell & Parker’s maiden Bulk Scrap Export.

Sell & Parker reach $2,000,000 milestone to the Sydney Children's Hospital through Metal for Miracles.

Purchases adjoining 3.882 hectare site at Carrington.
2013 Australian Frontline Machinery commences reselling ex-military vehicles and equipment.

Existing scrap yards purchased in Darwin and Port Hedland. Sell & Parker (NT) Pty Limited and Sell & Parker (WA) Pty Limited are established.

Aiming for the Sky Partnerships with Royal Flying Doctor Service is established through our Western Australian and Northern Territory operations.

Sell and Parker Equipment commences marketing prefabricated, modular bridging solutions
2014 New 1400 tonne Danieli Henschel shear commissioned in Darwin. It is Australia’s largest, and the Northern Territory’s only, static shear.
2015 New 1400 tonne Danieli Henschel shear commissioned in Port Hedland. It is an identical twin to Darwin’s and the only static shear in the Pilbara.
2016 Blacktown premises exapanded to 60,000 square metres including a new warehouse for non-ferrous buying and processing. New 1400 tonne Danieli Henschel shear commissioned. With a slightly bigger bed than our other shears, this is now the largest shear in Australia. It replaces an 800 tonne shear commissioned in 1996.

Sell & Parker celebrates 50 years in business.

Refunda formed to participate in (beverage) Container Deposit Schemes across Australia. Refunda is an incorporated joint venture between Sell & Parker and Envirobank.